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Staying Alive–I Mean Young February 23, 2009

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in My Life as I See It, Personal Observations.
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Amara's Monkey Slippers pic by Larry ThomasI have the very good fortune to be 61 years old and look ten to fifteen years younger than my chronological age. I say this, not to boast but as reference to an oft-repeated assessment by other people. Some of the illusion, I have to admit, can be attributed to hair color and some to genetics. However, yesterday I received a note on Facebook (what an invention, that) from a high school classmate who had discovered me. She was asking if I was the same ‘Ann Bertorelli’ that she had gone to school with in the 60’s. I replied that of course I was the same one—how many Ann Bertorelli’s did she think there were? Her response was that she would never have recognized me if we met me somewhere.

That got me thinking. Is it just the hair color and the good genes? Nope, I don’t think so. I think there is a little more to it than that. Since there is always interest in finding out the secret to (relative) youth—witness the practice of asking the newly-made octogenarian that very question—I thought it might make a helpful blog entry. So, what’s my “secret?”

Here goes, in no particular order…

  1. I take lots of vitamins and have since my early thirties. (not just randomly, I have a health professional who advises me.)

  2. I learn new things often.

  3. I take care of my teeth and skin. (Oh alright, I could floss more often)

  4. I hang out with younger people.

  5. I am interested and interesting.

  6. I read a lot.

  7. I meditate and pray every day.

  8. I keep trying to make myself better in as many ways as I can think of.

  9. I dance.(Ballroom Latin)

  10. I don’t listen to negativity anymore than I have to. I seldom watch the evening news or engage in depressing conversations ad nauseum.

  11. I refuse to call myself old or even think of myself as old—I am wise.

  12. I don’t discuss ailments, medications, or surgeries unless I see no way out of it or need advice that I can’t get any other way.

  13. I use my creativity in the ways that appeal to me—and I do that often.

  14. I work hard to drop my judgments of others—a never-ending project.

  15. I talk to angels. www.graceintime.com

So there’s my short list. I’m sure that I could think of more but those are the ones that sprang to mind. Maybe I’ll write a book on the subject—or maybe not. Life is just full of possibilites.




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