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Is the world falling apart? March 6, 2009

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Personal Observations, spirituality.
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These are interesting times, are they not? I can honestly say that I don’t remember a time during my life that people have been so afraid about the future. And the more buzz there is, the worse it gets. You read a headline on the Internet or in the newspaper and you are immediately in the throes of paralyzing fear.

Others before us have been in the same or perhaps worse situation that we now find ourselves in. My dad was born in 1910 and lived through the Great Depression, though to hear him tell it it was not so ‘great.’ Most commentators today are reluctant to actually name the ‘D’ word but it has been creeping into our consciousness as each month of bad economic news continues.

So how do we cope with this depressing barrage of news, day after day? I believe that it is a combination of mind game and inspired action.

First of all the mind game part–

90% of the information we’ve been mucking around with is what I call an assessment. Now assessments are fine and they can be useful. But assessments are not TRUE, boys and girls. They are opinions, sometimes formed from facts and sometimes formed from other assessments/opinions. These assessments can change on a dime. For example, if on Monday there were two economic indicators that were favorable, the assessments about the severity of the downturn would be different than they were on Friday afternoon. Assessments are fickle. And since they can change rapidly, why not form assessments of your own that will serve you better?

Here are some examples:

Spoiler: The following examples have a spiritual context so if you can’t go there you may as well stop reading here.

This is a terrible thing that is happening to our country now. This should never happen.”

How do you react when you feel that you are in the middle of something “terrible?”

If you are anything like me you get indignant, angry, fearful or resentful. How would your life be if you could believe something different about our current economic times?

Try this:

Our country is going through some necessary changes. Things had gotten out of balance and in order for things to come back into line, it’s necessary that we realign our systems. Once we’ve gone through these changes we will be better for it. If we had continued with our current path, things would have fallen like a house of cards. The economic conditions are also serving as a lightning rod for environmental concerns. They are forcing us to take a hard look at the way we’ve been behaving in all areas of concern. The Earth could not have withstood the damage that was happening year after year. In fact, we are already seeing the results of that abuse in global warming which is influencing climate change. This contraction will force different behaviors that, left to our own devices, we would not implement. It is the universe’s way of getting us back in balance.

Another non-productive assessment:

I may lose my job. My retirement is so low that I’ll never be able to stop working. I’m going to be out on the street.”

Try this:

I may lose my job or have to work longer than I had anticipated. Or neither of these things may happen. I think I’ll get myself in the best possible financial position I can; I will cut my debt as much as I can. And I will also expect that I will be taken care of. I will be in conscious gratitude for all the good things I have in my life right now. I will live in the moment rather than ‘awfulizing’ about a future that may not materialize. And furthermore, I will spend time each day focusing on how I want things to be for me rather than holding the negative images of disaster. I will not engage in long and tedious conversations with those who want to awfulize; I will keep myself balanced even if the world around me seems crazy.

Even during the Depression of the 30’s there were people who thrived, who had money, who lived well. Can’t I be one of those people who thrives even in challenging times? (Read up on Law of Attraction)

Another one:

“The sky is falling; the sky is falling.”

Try this:

Am I okay right now? It’s my negative thoughts that make me not OK. If I can stay in the present rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future, I going to be alright.

Now on to inspired action. It’s very important to work with the assessments that our busy little mind springs on us. However, it’s also important to take action. If we sit in our meditation rooms and pray but do nothing else, things probably won’t go the way we’d like. We are here in “Earth School” to learn how to live in this cumbersome physical world. If we had wanted all love and light and unaltered peace we’d have stayed in the spirit realm and not elected to come to this physical world. We knew that we were in for some challenges, we knew exactly what they were before we signed up for this life, and we came fully equipped for the challenge.

So how does one take inspired action? Well, it requires an attentiveness to that inner voice that we all carry around inside us. You know the one–it’s really tuned to our higher consciousness and the times that we have listened to it we have been grateful for what followed. And the times we have ignored it, we’ve kicked ourselves.

This looks like following impulses about things like whom to talk to, what class to take, what books to read, what news to listen to, or not.

Here’s an example that worked wonderfully well in my life (this is one of many, by the way.) I was having a problem with my right knee. I had injured it dancing and it was putting a major crimp in my activities. I went to my doctor who sent me to a sports medicine specialist. One MRI later he started discussing knee surgery with me. I don’t know about you but I will do a whole lot to avoid having surgery. I was pretty sure that there was a better alternative to surgery.

One day not long after my meeting with the doctor, I was walking around the lighting department at Home Depot when I overheard a conversation between two people I could not even see. One person was extolling the values of acupuncture for healing the pain in his knees. Bam! I knew it was the universe speaking and I listened. I promptly found a good acupuncturist who assured me that he had had great results with knee problems. And he was right. In a month’s time I was back to my regular activities—no surgery.

The universe (or God, or your guardian angel, or our higher consciousness) speaks to us in a variety of ways. Some people have reported repeatedly hearing a certain song on the radio which suggested something valuable to them. Others pick up a magazine that has just the piece of information they need. The point is to tune in. Get out of your fog and really be in the present moment. It’s now, right now that inspired action is communicated and takes place.

The message is simple. You have a finite number of days remaining in this life. How do you want to spend those days? In fear, dread, and anxiety? Or in enjoyment of what life has to offer, be it big or small? As for me, I know that I want to be happy and I intend to do what it takes to stay there as often as I can. I hope you’ll choose the same.




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