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Writers! Retreat! July 26, 2009

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Taos patio day1 by Amara Ann Bertorelli


I have come to the mountains of New Mexico to attend a writer’s retreat. I did this last year—same time—same station. And I highly recommend it as a way to replenish and re-tool not only the writer’s muse but the perspective of one’s own life.

The picture I’ve included with this post is the view of Taos Mountain from the porch connected to my room. The location is the Mabel Dodge Luhan house which has tons of history. Check it out online for details.

Here’s what I’m noticing at the moment:

  • As I look out at the mountain, there are shadows being cast across it by the clouds. Its peaks are softly rounded and the subtle shading of color makes for an interesting textured look.

  • The relative quiet here is amazing. I am always looking for quiet and even though my home is in a nice quiet neighborhood, there is always the hum of traffic noise in the distance. I love the silence because it seems that in it I can find my voice.

  • The birds are singing to beat the band and their songs are different than the ones I’m used to at my home in Pennsylvania.

  • The air is clear as is the light. I see why so many artists are inspired to capture this beauty on canvas.

  • I feel absolutely blessed and content. If only I could bottle this lovely feeling and take it home—or better yet pass it on to others.

  • I am looking forward to having time to write whatever I feel like and to do some things that are on my list of goals—because I always have goals, don’t you?

Here are my goals for the week:

  1. Start the editing process on my novel draft, Dance Away

  2. Write, but not post, a number of blog entries for a new blog that I’m planning to start—related to the business coaching and organizational development work I do. (Thanks to Karen for that idea)

  3. Write a short essay for my favorite coaching client on how one goes about letting go of judgments…and maybe I’ll even practice it myself.

  4. Rough out an outline for the next book which is about how to make your workplace a more enjoyable and satisfying place to be. (non-fiction, honest)

  5. Whatever else I am inspired to do.

I learned last year when I did this retreat that it’s oh so inspiring to be around a group of women (this year it’s 28 of us) who are creative and spiritual in their approach to life. And that’s what this retreat seems to attract. It’s being led by Jennifer Louden–the Comfort Queen herself!

We start this evening with an un-cocktail hour, followed by dinner and then our first tribal council. I can’t wait.

I plan to blog during the week, if not daily, then at least three or four times. I am doing this for my three wonderful writing buddies, mentioned in my last post. However, you’re invited too if you’d like to come along.




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