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The Writers Have Retreated August 5, 2009

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2009 Writer's Retreat Group 953 by Annelle Hollingsworth

So the writers’ retreat is over for another year . And I have the extreme good fortune to be spending a whole week in Santa Fe at a lovely secluded spot to re-group, rest, and do whatever the heck I want. Lucky, lucky me.

Here’s my preliminary list of what I got from the retreat experience: (knowing full well that I won’t really know what I got for a couple of months or more)

  • A good chunk of writing got done. The new book is crystallizing in my head and I have blocked out the major chapters. It’s something I am looking forward to jumping into.

  • Celebration about the completion of my novel’s first draft with others who know what it takes to complete such an undertaking.

  • A sense of community with other women with whom I have much in common.

  • Intellectual stimulation. I met women who have different ‘backgrounds of obviousness’ than I do. Sometimes this can be challenging but it always enables me to broaden my horizons—something which I love.

  • An appreciation of what talents and sensibilities I bring and how they can be of service to others. I always find it instructive to see what others reflect to me about myself.

  • Connections which help me stay committed to my desire to incorporate writing as a way of life.

  • An opportunity to question my own values and way of being and come out on the other end with some new declarations for the future as well as some sense of what I need to keep doing

  • A chance to spend time in New Mexico—one of my magical spaces. The mountains seem to do it for me—even when I am huffing and puffing because of the altitude.

Yes, there were some challenging times throughout the week. But hey, growth is messy. If it were easy, everyone would be the Buddha…




1. Josiane - August 15, 2009

“Backgrounds of obviousness” – What an interesting way to put this concept into words! I love it!
I’m glad we share the experience of that retreat. You beautifully played your part in making it amazing! I hope our paths cross again one day…

edgyangel - August 16, 2009

Backgrounds of obviousness are tough to work with at times. Everyone thinks that everyone else thinks like them…how enlightening when we find out that they usually don’t! 🙂

2. Annie Carlino - August 12, 2009

How eloquent you are. I agree with with everything you wrote. It was an amazing shifting week for me and a privilege to spend it with you and all the others.

edgyangel - August 16, 2009

And the hits just keep on coming. 🙂

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