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The Love of Kirtan–2 September 7, 2009

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Today is the last day of Omega’s Ecstatic Chant weekend.

http://www.eomega.org/ I have extended my stay for an extra day in order to bask in the bliss a little longer. I am always amazed at the effect kirtan has on those who participate in it. Here at Omega you can indulge or even over-indulge in kirtan with complete abandon. There’s no one in the audience who sits back and judges you for being ecstatic.

There is a select group of kirtan singers who are popular in the West. These performers are talented musicians who clearly have a passion for what they do.Most have studied in India and use Indian names instead of their Western names.

Perhaps the best known of the American kirtan singers is Krishna Das. KD is to kirtan as Michael Jackson was to pop music. (www.krishnadas.com) A big difference, however, is that KD and his band simply show up and sing. Yes, they are well-known and admired, even idolized, by kirtan lovers. But they don’t walk around with an entourage large enough to populate an army platoon. In fact, as I sit here in the Omega Cafe, KD is at the next table having a quiet conversation with one of his band members. No hysteria, no autograph-signing. However, Krishna Das is responsible for putting kirtan on the map in our country—and for keeping it there.

Also, here is Jai Uttal. Jai is a very talented musician and a great kirtan singer who’s been leading kirtans all over the world for over thirty years. He writes many of the melodies which accompany the ancient words of the chants. He also teaches workshops on kirtan. www.jaiuttal.com

Other favorites are Deva Premel and Miten, Shymdas, Wah, Donna DeLory .Two new artists whom I discovered in the last three days are Vishal Vaid, and David Newman.

I could go on on and but this is a blog post, after all. And besides, the next session of chant is starting. As I heard someone say yesterday, “Ecstasy is hard work.” But someone’s got to do it and it might as well be me. 😉 —-Amara


1. the organic artist - April 13, 2010

and please don’t forget Bhagavan das THE original kirtan singer to come home to America with this gift. I am a Kirtan lover, cannot get enough.Thank you for writing this and maybe opening some possibilities for people not aware of kirtan.
Namaste….Krishna Naseem

edgyangel - April 13, 2010

Thanks for the reminder about Bhagavan das. When I first fell in love with kirtan in the 70’s it was very difficult to get recordings of it–because many of the current artists were still in India learning. Now we are so blessed because of the many wonderful choices we have. I saw KD and Deva on Friday night and it really did feed my soul.
Thanks for your comment. Namaste!

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