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Healing With Intention October 11, 2009

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1303371658_a7fe237dc9_mpetar_cI am once again lucky enough to be spending the weekend at Omega Institutes in Rhinebeck, New York. This weekend I am taking a workshop taught by Lynne McTaggert, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. As a former investigative reporter, Lynne became interested in exploring whether there was any scientific proof that meditation, prayer, visualization or other seemingly non-linear practices really work in improving the quality of human life. And interestingly enough, she has found that there is a multitude of scientific proof that the stuff really works.

In our class, we are learning about a lot of these studies and even better, we are getting to participate in some experiments. We began last night with an experiment that has been done numerous times in a scientific setting. Ten of us who are experienced meditators were each given a baby food jar filled with water. We were told to select a noun and spend three 10-minute periods meditating on the image that we had selected with the intention of placing an energetic imprint of the object into the water. When this was completed, the jars were placed on tables around the room. All of the class participants rotated through the sequence of the ten jars. We were given a moment to tune into the jars and then asked to write down images that we received from the jar.

The class has 21 people. As we de-briefed the items, we found that there were 6 or more hits by the class on identifying what was in the jar. An answer is considered to be a hit when it describes the shape, color, texture, or of course, the actual word. For almost all of the 10 items there were about 5-8 hits from the class—much higher than probability suggests.

My personal result was around 50% but the thing that really pleased me was that I was able to identify my own jar (naturally they were all identical) and come up with an image of a yellow rose which is what I had intended through my meditation.

Even more interesting and not at all coincidental was that out of ten words that were chosen by the meditators out of a gazillion possible words in the English language, there were three, count-em, three duplicates. Two people chose “strawberry”, two people chose “pear” and two people (one of them me) chose “rose.”

The use of successfully broadcasting a compassionate, healing intention has great application in alleviating many of the world’s pressing problems. Lynne and her intention squad have taken on peace, clean water, as well as physical and mental healings for individuals. Check out her website at http://www.theintentionexperiment.com/ if you’d like to find out more about it.

We have one more half day of class left. Who knows we may have cleaned up Afghanistan and Iraq by this time tomorrow…




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