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NanoWriMo Observations November 22, 2009

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Ok—it’s now day 22 of NanoWriMo and I am still hanging in there. Some days are easier than others but no matter. I write around 2000 words every day whether I feel like it or not. The power of a deadline is not to be underestimated—at least for me. Today’s word count stands at 43,441.

While it’s not yet time to do the final recap—that will be after November 30th at which time I plan to gloat. But that’s a whole 8 days away. Right now, though, I’d like to point to some things that I have noticed through the process.

  • I spend a lot more time in my pj’s than I used to. What works best for me is to get up, go downstairs and, after morning meditation, start writing. My goal is to have my 2000 words done by 10 am each day.
  • I’m staying at home a lot more than I did before. One reason for this is that the universe seems to have conspired to keep me in my writing chair by having most of my consulting work evaporate this month. Not sure if I am 100% behind that, however I have faith that it is the right thing and that the financial impact will be minimal. Heck, if I stay at home in my PJ’s I won’t need that much money, will I ?
  • An unforeseen benefit of this new disciplined way of approaching writing is that I have become more disciplined in other areas of my life. Bedtime is not the middle of the night, my environment is better organized and I have been able to finish a sewing project or two. Now if I could just get exercise consistently into the mix, I would know that true miracles are occurring. I have also noted that I get more done—even though I have a committed two-hour chunk every day. I’ve been able to spend some nice amounts of time with my grandchildren and have managed to get together with friends. I’ve even watched a couple of NCIC marathons while I was quilting. (a guilty pleasure—the TV, not the quilting.)
  • All word counters are not the same. Since I live and die by my daily word count, I am pretty vigilant about ensuring that my word count is accurate. The reason for that is that the Nano web site has a word counter into which you upload your entire book after you complete it. Their word count is what determines if you are a ‘NanoWriMo winner.’ And being a little competitive at times, I want to hit the 50,000 word goal. As a trial run, I downloaded my book into their system and found that it registered significantly lower than my word count from Open Office, the word processing program I am using to write the book. Yikes! That got my attention. I now realize that I may have to write more than 50,000 words to meet the goal.Because of this, I have adopted a software program designed exclusively for book writing. It’s called Liquid Mind Binder and oddly enough, the people who sell it were running a special on it for the month of November. The cost was $22.95—a deal. Learning a new piece of software was not something I wanted to do while trying to write my book so I have been using it judiciously. I cut and paste my daily writing into it because I noticed that its word counter was also showing lower than mine. I believe in heading disappointment off at the pass. For my next book (she says optimistically) I will use Liquid Mind Binder for the entire thing.
  • I no longer use very many contractions in my writing. Nano’s goal is word count, not lovely, elegant writing. So every little bit helps. I also find that going for word count has me thinking a bit deeper about my topic. What I would have left alone as adequate in the past, I now develop. Only the editing in December will tell if I have gone overboard with that. For the moment I am all about word count. I just checked it for this post and it is a bit too long for a blog post. So one more point…
  • 1000 words no longer daunt me. It’s all in the attitude. I used to think 500 words a sizable amount. Now I sneer at that paltry amount. I can do 1000 in an hour or less. No problem. Amazing how your perception can change.

I have to stop writing now. There is only so much time I can keep my butt in this chair without starting to feel sorry for myself and wonder if life is indeed passing me by while I type, type, type.  (word count = 778)







1. Jane S - November 22, 2009

Sounds like it become a great spiritual discipline, much like following the “daily pages requirement in The Artist’s Way. Bravo!

edgyangel - November 23, 2009

It is a great discipline and not nearly as painful as those daily pages—I still shudder when i think of them…

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