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A NanoWriMo Winner! December 6, 2009

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Ok—I’m going to take a moment to brag. I DID IT! I am what the WriMos call a winner. That means that I achieved 50,000 words before November 30th, 2009 at midnight. Actually I made it to 56,000 by November 30th—mannnnn….

I actually couldn’t believe that I had written that many words. I was a bit paranoid about the word count thing. Kept thinking that I had miscounted somewhere and I was going to enter my document into the Nano word counter and come up majorly short. But no…by all counts I have actually written that many words. I have been basking all week. (I also notice I have picked up the rather distracting habit of avoiding contractions—to enhance word count—weird)

And three of my dearest writing buddies also won the challenge. We had a joyful hoot or two on our weekly phone call last Tuesday (December 1st.)

Making a goal is great—and it is a discipline to be able to sit back and really bask in the achievement. Mostly people just finish something, check it off the list, and rush on to the next item. This is fine if your life purpose is to get things done. However, I think our souls come up with loftier goals for us than to-do list management. Just sayin’… So I have made an art of basking and bragging at least for this week. However, I noticed this morning the tiniest niggling little worry creeping into my head. And that worry sounds like, “ OK, you did it, now what?” Damn it, that always happens.

I did have a conversation with my writing coach concerning what’s three or four steps down the road from where I am right now. That would be how to go about getting the book published. We got back to that old build-a-platform conversation. It makes me tired because it demands so much darn work. After that I wanted to go eat chocolate. It gave me an appreciation for how my coaching clients must feel after having a conversation with me. Oh, well.

So even though I have written the requisite words—in fact exceeded the requisite words, (still bragging) the book is not finished. It is about 90% complete—the first draft, that is. Since I know myself pretty well, I have maintained the wonderful routine I kept during November. If I give myself any slack I get lazy and the first thing you know, I am reading books, going shopping or scrubbing the kitchen floor instead of writing. My plan is to write at least two more chapters that will be part of the draft.

Then comes editing. Then comes giving it to some people I trust to read it. And then—and then—you get the picture. However, I am determined and I’ve invested a lot in getting this book out of my head and onto the page. Too much to stop now.

OK, before I started this sentence I was at 487 words and I try to keep my blog posts to around 500. This new obsession with word count is really getting annoying.

So, that’s it for today. Stay tuned for lessons learned from NanoWriMo— or whatever else strikes my fancy. I can only be so disciplined.


P.S. Did you notice the snow falling in the banner of my blog page? WordPress does that every December–I think it’s just the coolest…





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