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A Quick Look at Feng Shui December 28, 2009

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Yes, I admit it. I have been taking a hiatus from writing since the beginning of December. Exhilarating as NanoWriMo was—I really needed a break from the discipline of writing at that level of intensity. So—I rested. And now I feel refreshed. So here’s a new blog post.

In looking back over the most often searched posts of the last year or so, I find that a whole lot of people are interested in feng shui. I have mentioned feng shui in exactly one of my posts but people keep logging into it. With my brilliant powers of deduction, I have figured out that writing about feng shui would be a good idea.

I am a trained Black Sect feng shui practitioner though I don’t promote my practice much any more. I’ve gotten involved in other pursuits which take my time. However, once schooled in feng shui, it becomes a habit. So I’ m going to share some of my favorite feng shui tips and tidbits. I was trained 12 years ago by James and Helen Jay, a wonderful couple who live and work in Grass Valley, CA. Check out their web site if you are interested in their work.  http://www.fengshuidesigns.com/

And now for some tips:

  • Your desk should always be positioned so that you can see the doorway without having to turn around. The reason for this is that when someone can surprise you from behind, it puts you in a weak position. And whether you’re aware of it or not, you are energetically cringing at the thought. This tip also applies to sitting in meetings. Always sit so that you are facing the door. (Of course if everyone applies this principle there could be a mini brawl when attendees choose their seats—so keep it to yourself.)
  • Bathroom doors should be kept closed at all times. A mirror should be placed on the outside of the door if possible. The theory here is that bathrooms are places where our waste is eliminated and that chi (or energy) is best kept within that room. Mirrors are used in feng shui in a number of ways. In this case the mirror serves as an energetic barrier, reflecting good chi back into the rest of the house.The toilet seat lid should also be kept down—same theory as the closed door. So guys, you now have one extra task to take care of—first the seat, then the lid—try doing it at the same time. 🙂
  • Consider the placement of your bed. The bed should be placed so that when you are in bed you can see the doorway without turning your head. If you can’t position your bed in the suggested way, then close your bedroom door at night. Additionally it should not be placed directly in front of the door with your feet facing the door. This is called the coffin position because that was the traditional way that a person was removed from his deathbed. So I guess that you can surmise why you should avoid it, right?
  • And the most challenging…manage your clutter. Clutter stagnates chi resulting in ‘stuckness’ in your life.

And with that I think I’ll end this and go work on the clutter in my basement. (which is symbolic of the subconscious.)

Next post will talk about exterior concerns. In the meantime, get de-cluttering.




1. vastu chart - December 28, 2009

u said about mirror… i didn’t got u actually.. where should be the mirror placed..??? inside or outside the door…???
thanks in advance…

edgyangel - January 19, 2010

sorry for the delay-your comment ended up in spam…
anyway, the mirror should be placed on the outside of the bathroom door or the front door.

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