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New Year’s Day: Choose your actions wisely January 1, 2010

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There’s a saying about New Year’s Day—maybe you’ve heard it. It advises that what you spend your time doing on New Year’s Day is what you will be doing throughout the entire year. So when I woke up this morning full of plans for the day, I paused for a few moments to think about that. Hmmm….I had thought about taking some time today to give my kitchen a good post-holiday cooking clean up. Eliminate that idea. House cleaning is fine in its place. But do I want to spend the whole year cleaning my house? Definitely not.

I had planned to go to the gym. Yep, that will stay on the list. Going to the gym religiously in 2010 would be a great idea. Besides I like the gym energy. Loud music, sweating people, and free weights. Weird, I know but it’s true.

I also plan to spend some time with my family. That will definitely stay. Family is important and I treasure the relationships I have with my son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.

What else? Well, I did my morning meditation and prayers…they definitely deserve a permanent place in 2010. And later today I plan to work on my current quilt project. Quilting is great therapy and so that activity is one that I want to keep in my life in 2010.

I also spent some time this morning writing out my intentions for the year. Notice, I did not say that I made resolutions for the year.  I am a bit averse to “resolutions” as I have had a great many of them in the past that were unachieved by year’s end. You know the ones—lose 200 pounds and wear a bikini, make a million dollars, find the perfect relationship and so on. I think resolutions are fodder for depression.

I prefer intentions. Intentions have a lighter touch than resolutions and yet they have more juice somehow. When you set an intention in place there is no guilt about not achieving it. You are intending something and in doing so requesting the assistance of unseen forces in your world to achieve it. You can hold an intention until it no longer rings your bells. Then you can intend something different. No guilt—just a change of mind.

So what intentions do I have for 2010? Well, some of them are private but I can share a few with you.

  • to enjoy vibrant good health and have my family do the same
  • to do the things that I am passionate about
  • to attract and enjoy satisfying and stimulating relationships
  • to be of service wherever and whenever I can
  • to have some fun

How about you? Care to share your intentions for 2010?

Happy New Year…




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