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More Feng Shui Tips January 10, 2010

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OK—time to deliver on my promise to give some more tips on using feng shui principles—this time on the exterior of the home. So here goes…

  • The slope of the land upon which your home is situated is important. The best position for your home is to be located at the top of a hill. You know, like the old castles were. This allows good visibility from all sides so that you can be aware of what’s coming your way. Not so favorable is when the lot slopes away from the house in the back. (as opposed to the front too) This causes the chi to flow away from your home. The can be cured for by planting vegetation that can act as a ‘catcher’ for the chi. It could be a tree or two or a hedge or whatever else you can come up with.Another inauspicious location for your home is below street level. This usually happens when there is a steep slope and the house is placed near the front of it. The cure for this is to plant trees at the front of the house that bring up the level of the chi so that the house energetically and symbolically is at the level of the street. A flag pole can also serve this function.
  • A home located at a T-intersection where cars are coming directly toward the front of the home is not considered to be favorable. This is because the chi from the cars is constantly bombarding the front door of the home. The cure for this is to place a mirror on the front door. I bet you have a vision of a full length mirror on the front door…how weird is that. No, not necessary. A small mirror will work just fine. You can tuck it into a door wreath, for that matter. Your intention for placing the mirror is that it will reflect back the chi that is bombarding the front of the home.
  • Here’s a cure for neighbor problems. Sometimes you have neighbors who are in some way bugging you, i.e. they are have loud parties, are belligerent or otherwise unpleasant, trespass on your property, have a barking dog or a variety of things that give you heartburn. There’s a cure for that—and I can attest to its efficacy since I have used it on more than one occasion. Simply purchase a small round mirror. The rule for the size of mirrors is that inside the house, the bigger the better, and outside the house small is just fine. Affix the mirror to the exterior of your house on the side facing your troublesome neighbors. Your intention as you place the mirror is that it will reflect back their negative chi while transmuting it into positive chi. (It’s never a good thing to send negative chi to someone else—don’t go there. You know the saying,”What goes around comes around.”)
  • It’s considered inauspicious for your home to be situated near a cemetery as there may be restless spirits who keep you from being completely at peace. I get the chance to experience this phenomenon on a regular basis. I do an overnight stay in a New Jersey hotel that is located right next to a large cemetery. I have been staying there for 2 ½ years almost monthly. At first I could not figure out why I could never sleep well there. My business partner sleeps wonderfully well there—go figure. I have even had visitations that woke me up…however, that’s another story and I won’t go into it. (Spirits love me for some reason.) Anyhow, now that I have figured out that the cemetery is the issue, I just make sure that I take a light sleeping pill and that has taken care of the problem. I do some shielding as well.Oops, I digress. Back to the house situated next to a cemetery. The cure for that is to use the mirror cure mentioned in the bullet item above.

These are but a few of the many considerations that feng shui teaches. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am trained in Black Sect feng shui. Sometimes there are differences in principles between the various schools. If you’re really interested in learning more about feng shui, just do a quick internet search and you’ll find more than you can shake a stick at…or read.

Have fun…




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How did you make this site look this awesome!? Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. Id be thankful!

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