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I’m in the Mood For… January 13, 2010

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One of my roles in life is that of coach. I coach executives and leaders in the workplace as well as individuals who want to achieve their goals. I do this because I get great satisfaction out of helping people get out of their own way so they can really ‘show up’ in their lives.

I learned how to coach about 11 years ago when a woman named Gloria Kelly taught me (and my colleagues) the ontological approach to coaching. A quick aside—ontology is the study of being. So one of the big questions in ontological coaching is, ” Who do you say you are?” As a number of my clients have noted, it’s a question much easier asked than answered. But if you can begin to take your first tentative swipes at it, the answers will deepen your understanding of your place in this world.

Ontological coaches are very interested in three ways of being: language, mood (emotions) and body (language and feedback mechanisms).

The distinction of mood is on my mind today. Why? A couple of reasons. First, the holiday season is just over and that’s a time when I get lots of practice in navigating my mood. Not sure why and the why isn’t relevant to me, in fact. Second, I had reason to spend some time today with a roomful of guys who were at effect of negative/unproductive moods. It was trying…. Why? Because when someone is in the throes of a negative mood, it’s hard for them to see possibilities. In fact, they can’t see much of anything except all that is wrong. Sort of like a blues song…. “If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.” And so on and so on.

So what does a negative mood do for you? Not much, near as I can tell.(Unless you write blues ballads) So when I fall into a negative mood, I paddle like hell until I am out of it and back into a place where I feel good in my own skin.

Moods are an integral part of how you interact with yourself and others. And everyone is always in some mood or other. Alan Sieler of Newfield Institute identifies mood as a core business process because it has a huge effect on performance in companies (and in life). This means if you are stuck in a negative space you are less likely to be achieving at your peak—in any arena of your life. And what’s more you’re wasting valuable days of your life. (that’s from me).

What about you? The thing about working with mood is knowing when you’re in one that does not serve you or your ‘being.’ And yes, there are ways to get out of them that don’t involve substance abuse or wanton behavior. Mostly it’s about seeing a reason to move to a more positive mood. And then doing it. There is a little more to it than that but that’s the executive overview.

Mary Englebreit, one of my longtime favorite commercial artists has a print that shows a picture of a woman with her hands on her hips, glaring straight at the observer. The caption reads, “Snap Out Of It.”

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