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Unanswered Prayers February 25, 2010

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Self-Development.
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The ever-present to-do list

I always have a thousand things on my to-do list. And mostly I work my way through the list as time allows and urgency demands. But sometimes there are tasks on my list that I just can’t seem to get to. Often it’s because I really don’t like to do them. Things like cleaning the bathroom, re-arranging the basement, and organizing my sewing studio are often purposely ignored. Sometimes though I can’t get to a task and there seems to be no good reason for it. I want to do it; I would enjoy doing it, and when it’s completed I would feel a lot of satisfaction.

Right now I’ve got one such task staring me in the face. I need to add content to my new web site. The site is up but there is no information in it. I’ve got ideas about what needs to go there and I’ve got the time and the wherewithal to do it. But something (besides my innate laziness) is preventing me from doing it.

I’ve tried a number of tactics to get myself moving. I’ve made a list of all the pieces that need doing, I’ve set a time frame for having it complete— several times. I’ve called myself a few unpleasant names (not too unpleasant), and I’ve even made declarations to others about getting it done. All to no avail. The job is like a bad penny— it just keeps turning up.

I’m saying “Later”

Today I came to a conclusion about this looming albatross of a task. I’ve decided that there must be some very good reason for my inability to get it done. I believe there is a reason for my resistance. What is that reason? I haven’t got a clue. I just know that the idea of doing this task seems harder than Sisyphus rolling that darn rock up the hill.

Sure I could kick it and push it and hump it into place. But that whole experience would be joyless and unsatisfying and I doubt that the results would be stellar. So I am choosing instead to wait until it flows easily. Am I chomping at the bit because it’s not done?..Yeah. However I trust that it will be done when the time is right— not a moment sooner (or later.)

Thank God for Unanswered Prayers

Ever heard the Garth Brooks song, “Unanswered Prayers”? “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” How many times have you thought you knew just what you wanted and needed? And then later you were so glad you didn’t get it. (One or two of my past relationships fall into that category— thank God they disappeared.)

I believe that we little bitty human beings can’t always see the big picture of our lives and their purpose. So we end up wanting stuff that doesn’t really serve us or stand a chance of fulfilling us. What it comes down to is trusting that we will be guided in the right way and surrendering to that invisible hand.

What would you like to surrender?

Would your life be easier, less frustrating and annoying if you surrendered? No, I don’t mean that you get apathetic. I mean that you simply trust that things are as they should be and do what you can with what you have when it occurs to you. Read my blog post on Flowing to get another take on letting go.

Is there something facing you right now that feels a lot like my albatross job? Have you been trying without success to make it go the way you think it should?

How about you try letting go of the need to have it turn out any particular way and see if you end up creating something better than you thought possible. At the very least, you may put off cleaning the bathroom for a day or two.



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