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HCG and Me June 13, 2010

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Health.
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A few weeks ago—April 26—to be exact, I started a new program to improve my health. This came as a result of being sick three times over the winter months. Have I mentioned that I take it as a personal affront to be sick? So I decided some different action was in order to improve my overall health.

I didn’t talk about my little project to a whole lot of people because it’s a bit unusual and mostly people think you are crazy when you tell them what the protocol calls for. The program is called the HCG diet and it’s been around since the mid 50’s, though I had not heard of it until about two years ago. I was told about the diet by my nutritionist who has a strong medical background, researches things to the nth degree and who has kept me healthy for over 15 years. But when Gail told me about a ‘diet’ that would improve overall health, re-set my metabolism, and provide a religious experience (well, maybe she didn’t say that), I was all ears. Then she told me that you take some crazy hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) that only pregnant women secrete and that you eat 500 calories a day while you’re on it. I was sure she had finally gone round the bend. I assured her that I would never do such a diet—how possibly could that be healthy?

Even though I was determined never to do the HCG diet, it was like a bad penny—it just kept turning up in my life. Fast forward two years. I have just completed a 35-day round of the HCG diet, am in the maintenance phase of the protocol and feel healthier than I have in a very long time. As for the religious experience part—yeah, I could almost (but not quite) go there.

Allow me to explain. The groundbreaking work on the HCG protocol was done by Dr A.T.W. Simeons in the 50’s and 60’s. Read his manuscript on the subject at http://www.hcgdietinfo.com/Dr-ATW-Simeons-Pounds-and-Inches.htm. Somehow or other Dr Simeons determined that HCG was able to liberate (my word, not his) abnormal fat in the body (called adipose) and give your system access to the nutrition stored in that fat  right before it(the fat, not your system) rides off into the sunset. Since you are gaining access to between 2500-4000 calories from your own fat, you only need eat a 500 calorie a day diet to keep up your energy level (relatively speaking).Dr Simeons’ research showed that using the protocol as he laid it out enabled people to lose both pounds and inches. And really, in my opinion, it’s the inches that matter because your body somehow manages to re-shape itself while you are on the diet and after.

And the other very cool thing? It’s FAST. And I like fast—I have decided to eschew the oft repeated wisdom of other diet plans that tell us that it’s a GOOD thing to lose weight slowly because…umm, I forget.  To wit, I lost 20 pounds in 35 days—not bad—actually very, very good. But the other thing that’s even better is that I feel wonderful. I also need to mention that the foods that you can eat while on the protocol are quite restricted. However, I have found my body really enjoys being on a gluten-free diet. Who knew?

I am not selling this diet—it’s definitely not for everyone—but I will say that everyone I know who has done it (both male and female) are quite happy with their achievements.

So go ahead and read Dr. Simeons’ book, if you’re interested and then watch for my next post in which I will talk in more detail about what I experienced the good, the bad, and the not too ugly.

Stay tuned!




1. edgyangel - June 18, 2010

I started exactly where you are. In fact, I never thought I would ever WANT to eat 500 calories a day..and as I said in the post, it just kept showing up. And now, I can’t wait to start my second round…Good luck in whatever choice you make!

2. Rose - June 18, 2010

Very interestingly, my gynocologist was on this diet when I visited her a few months ago. She gave me the name of a friend whom sells the hormone, but I didn’t do anything about it. I was not and still am not in the mindset to be able to reduce my calorie intake that dramatically. However, I say congratulations to you and to my doctor! If this diet continues to show up in my life, well then I just might have to join you.

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