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The Fire in the Belly July 4, 2010

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Self-Development.
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by gnuckx select1 cc on flickr The wonders of Facebook…I just had a message from a guy whom I taught ninth grade English in the mid-70’s. I knew him when he was 14 and now he’s 48 or thereabouts. This whole chronological age thing really blows me away sometimes. I know that my birth certificate says that I was born 63 years ago..yikes! But the number 63 (well, actually 62 until July 18th—just in case you want to send me a card) just doesn’t compute with me. I’m just me—somewhere around 28-30 but blessed with the wisdom that comes with the pain and joy of a whole bunch of intervening years.

My former student told me what he remembers of me from that time. Not to be bragging but he said I was his favorite English teacher (only one in 9th grade too). And he did remind me that I told his class that I wanted to go study with my swami and live in a tent on the beach, reading books….hmmmm. Yeah, I guess I was of the hippie persuasion—a true product of my generation.

What lights you up?

But here’s my point—and I do have one. Once you tap into who you really are and what lights you up, that gives you access to a lifelong passion or purpose. Did I go live on the beach in a tent and study yoga—no. But I did go on to become a yoga teacher, and that led to a study of eastern philosophy, and that led to a lifelong meditation practice, and that led to studying a variety of spiritual modalities which now inform the way I live my life and the sensibilities I bring to my coaching work.

Have you set aside what you love?

What is your fire in the belly stuff? What lit you up when you were a kid, a teenager, a young adult, and continues to do so? So often I notice that people I work with set aside the things they truly love to ‘make money.’ Nothing wrong with making money but in my opinion there is a lot wrong with turning your back on your dreams and passions. It makes for regrets, emptiness, and huge mid-life crises… you don’t want that do you?

Consider this…

So do a little exploration…consider the items below for starters and when you uncover something useful—do something about it.

  1. What was your favorite activity as a child, teenager?
  2. What activities/pursuits make your heart sing?
  3. Think of something that you love to do but haven’t done for a really long time, as well as the excuses you use for not doing it —and then do it. Some examples:  I love to go canoeing but the kids are too young, I’d like to play my guitar but I’ll really suck at it because I’m so out of practice, I used to love to write poetry but it’s so impractical and I’m so busy.
  4. The next time you find yourself really ‘in the zone,’ notice what you’re doing and decide to do more of that.

What are your declarations?

Our lives are a product of the declarations we make. We get to decide if we’re going to move through life on automatic pilot or if we want to do something a little more conscious.

Up to you….

Happy Independence Day,



1. edgyangel - July 23, 2010

Thank you for your comments,Rose.Even though you don’t remember exactly what you cared about as a child I bet that you remember something from your teenage or young adult years (unless you are still a young adult!) that you loved or that really lit you up. I remember always be very devotional as a kid, not that I loved to go to church, but I did love talking to God..so that has translated into the spiritual practice that I have been following for many years…try that. And please keep reading my blog…:)

2. Rose - July 22, 2010

I follow your blog and read what you have to say often. Today I read about relationships and fire in ones belly; both hit home with me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts via your blog! I need to work on my relationships and I have no idea what made me happy as a kid…I wish I could get back there and make a note of it.

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