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Just Say Yes! August 23, 2010

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Personal Observations.
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ticketcorner by Alex Osterwalder We have created a dicey situation. Everyone goes around saying things like this on a daily, if not an hourly basis:

The quilt boutique probably won’t be too successful given the state of the economy.

In this economy it’s hard to plan ahead for financial security.

The economy sucks!

Awfulizing Is Not Productive

This drives me crazy—and it’s even starting to have an effect on me. I am finding myself getting sucked into this awfulizing way of thinking. So this blog post is a plea—it would be a demand if I thought it would do any good—but demands piss people off.  My request is that you stop saying the economy is bad, and even stop thinking the economy is bad. Instead start saying that the economy is improving. And there are signs that that is accurate. But when everyone goes around talking about how bad things are then before you know it we have taken on a group consciousness about the terrible economy. Well, doesn’t the economy flow on something called consumer confidence? (My apologies to any economists out there for this simplistic view.) So if we all gradually began to be more hopeful about the economy wouldn’t we act differently? We might buy more, save more, invest more, open more businesses, see more possibilities for a good future. Who knows what positive things might happen. But moaning about how awful things are won’t make things turn around any more quickly—in fact just the opposite.

A Dim View of the Future Makes For A Dim Future

I realize that there are those who have been directly affected by job loss, investment devaluation, and other effects that we have seen (and so have I). And it is not my intention to dismiss these woes. They are real and they can be challenging. However I offer that people who are out of work or out of money especially need to find a hopeful view of the future.

Language Creates Reality

Language is very powerful. We create through language and it reflects our thoughts and ways of being. That means that what we say is very important in determining what reality we live in. Mike Dooley, one of my heroes, has a slogan that he uses (and has copywritten) “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.©” (www.tut.com)

So I offer that it would serve all of us very well to stop talking about how bad the economy is and instead start focusing on the good things that are pointing to improvement. You have a choice of course, but be warned if you start having a negative economy conversation with me, I will put my hands over my ears and start chanting, “la, la la.”




1. Jane - August 23, 2010

LOL. Never thought I’d quote Spiro Agnew but I too get annoyed by the “natering nabobs of negatism” since they awaken my mind’s little demons as well. Funny thing is, I never mind someone’s take on the world when it’s follwed by a statement of action…The economy is bad… so I’m going to sponsor a teacher this year and donate classroom supplies…or bring more goods to the food bank…or stop my cable and rely on the library for my entertainment. All those make me admire the person for foresight, compassion and awareness. But whining and drama queens, enough already.

edgyangel - August 23, 2010

Spiro Agnew–that’s a blast from the past–but the quote is even better.
I like the idea of no more whining…!!

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