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Signal Your Intention January 23, 2011

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in A Spiritual View, Personal Observations, Self-Development, spirituality.

This week as I was out driving around town in my car I found myself cursing. (Hard to believe, I know) The reason? I kept getting behind or in front of drivers who intended to turn but chose not to activate their car’s turn signals. Grrrr…Finally after the third or fourth time I yelled, “Signal your intention!” (I might have added a little something at the end of the demand but I can’t remember what it was.)

As I said that out loud it got me to thinking about what an interesting thought that is. Hmmmm. Signal your intention. Since I am and have been very taken with the idea of setting intentions I got to thinking about how that might translate to living intentionally.

Why signal your intention?

How might a person signal her (or his) intentions? And why might a person do that? And what good would it do to signal one’s intentions?

What’s that mean?

Well, to signal your intention could mean to act as though it’s a done deal. Just assume that your intentions will become real. Here’s an example from my life. Yesterday was cart the grandchildren and daughter-in-law around day. In the morning I took my grandson to a birthday party at the Skateaway. The parking lot was totally packed as well as icy and treacherous to walk on. Last night at 7:00 it was time to take my granddaughter to the same location for another birthday party. Yeah, really. As I was driving to the Skateaway I started thinking about how bad it could be to walk from the very back of the parking lot into the rink. How nice, I thought, to have a space right near the front door. So that’s what I put out there—a parking space right near the door.

As we continued on our way, I found myself worrying about how cold it would be and how hard it would be to get into the rink. As soon as I caught myself doing that, I corrected my thinking. It was going to be easy to get in because we’d be right by the front door. I consider that ‘signaling my intention.’ Cool, I have a new term to use now. And before you have to ask—yep we did get a space right next to the front door. 

Ask and it is given.

So signaling your intentions is like telling the universe that ‘it is done.’ If you’ve read any law of attraction stuff  you’ll remember that you ask and then wait until it comes. And it if doesn’t come it could be because you are getting in the way by worrying it to death. There is a wonderful book on the law of attraction called Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. And when I went to search for that link I also learned that ‘”ask and it is given” is a quote from the Bible: Matthew 7:7—to be exact. Well, that clinches it. Signal your intention….




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