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A Passion For ? June 6, 2011

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Personal Observations, Self-Development.
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Yes, once again I have had a break in my blogging schedule. Ever since they closed my Borders store I have been a bit more likely to take a week off. Guess it’s the lack of a de-caf latte that’s got me off my game. But this time I have a really good reason for missing my last couple of posting deadlines…well, not good exactly but understandable. A couple of weeks ago my doctor determined that I had a detached retina and needed surgery to repair it. And that, my friends is what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks. I’ll spare you the exhaustive (and exhausting) details for which you should be very thankful. But God, forbid that I should let a personal experience be unexamined. I’ve decided to write about an observation I made during my hiatus.

I love surprises!

As you might imagine I had to see quite an array of doctors in the process of getting my retina repaired. The doctor who determined that I needed the surgery sent me to an eye surgeon whom I had never met.The doctor was very different from what I expected. Turned out he was a tall, good-looking man with long black hair worn pulled into a pony tail which extends down his back. He wears man jewelry, and notice and complimented me on my OM shawl. Yes! My kind of guy. And yet, that’s not the point of this post.

Dr. K loves his work

As I’ve gotten to know Dr. K, I have come to admire his passion for his work. He is very personable however it has become quite clear to me that my retina is vastly more interesting to him than my amazing personality. In a word, Dr. K is fascinated with and passionate about his work.

Find the passion

As I pondered this even further I realized that my hairdresser whom I have been with for over 20 years is passionate about his job, my OB-GYN physician’s assistant always tells me how much she loves her job and I myself have a passion for coaching people. It occurred to me that the people I most like being with—especially if they happen to be sticking needles into my eye– are the ones who have a passion for what they do. I have long been fascinated by those who develop a passion for something. In fact, I once had an idea to do a book of interviews with those kind of people. (I have since decided not to do the book but if you like the idea, be my guest).

Passion points to soul purpose

So what is it about passion that is so compelling? Why are passionate people so often great at what they are passionate about? I believe it’s because there is a spiritual component to passion. Actually passion is a pointer to soul purpose. When passion for something is present (not talking about sexual passion—another topic altogether), it’s like a neon sign announcing your soul’s purpose.

We’re all meant to do something in our lives. Not all of us are destined to be famous world figures, military heroes, brain(or eye) surgeons or movie stars. However every single person has a talent, an innate ability or way of being that is a gift to those inhabiting the planet at this time.

I know that I have a passion for listening to other people’s stories and for looking with them for solutions to the issues that hold them back. It’s what I do and what I want to do. It feeds my soul…

Find your passion

What do you have a passion for? And if you don’t know, maybe it’s time to figure it out. Because when you do you’ll find yourself doing more of that thing. And that will be a gift—not only to others but to yourself. It doesn’t get much better than that…




1. Karen Talavera - June 6, 2011

First, so glad you are okay! Wow I had no idea – did you know something was wrong? In any case, I’m happy you are on the mend and had a great doctor to boot.

As usual I couldn’t agree more about this topic. In now newly pursuing yoga and Zumba as a teacher instead of (formerly) only a student, I’ve found two more interesting things occur when you are passionate about what you do: 1) even when I feel I’m not at my best as an instructor people tell me my class was great and 2) It’s important to me to be at my best – I really care about doing a great job.

So although circumstances will inevitably occur that I can’t control, like feeling tired or getting over a cold or a malfunctioning microphone or whatever, because I’m passionate about doing well even if things aren’t perfect I think that shines through. What a pleasant surprise that has been to experience!

And one more thing: the opposite seems to be true as well. When you think you have what you do “down cold” and begin to take it even slightly for granted is exactly when you’re not at your best anymore, and the universe (or your clients/students) will let you know or give you a subtle kick into gear or ask you to step up your game.

Seems like humility and love is the secret, sacred space to stay in as we practice what we love.

edgyangel - June 6, 2011

Wonderfully articulated–as always, Karen.
more details at the end of the week…

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