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Gratitude—Are You Kidding Me? July 10, 2011

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Personal Observations, Self-Development.


I am confident that I am coming to the end of the ongoing saga of my eye/seeing issues so maybe,just maybe I’m going to  stop writing about it and go on to different topics. But not this week…

I am grateful for a lot of things…

I’ve been giving some thought to what blessings have been mine as a result of my unexpected journey into eye surgeries and the subsequent recovery time. Here are some of my notices:

  • Wow, my house has never looked so clean—emphasis on ‘looked’. When my eyesight was less that great, my house looked just fine to me. And since I’m often thinking that I need to do a better job at housecleaning—that was a good thing. Of course, now that I am seeing pretty darn well, it doesn’t look as pristine as it did before. Hearkens me back to the old saying, “Ignorance is bliss.”
  • Since I wasn’t able to bend over or lift anything above 5 pounds there were a whole lot of tasks that I just could not do—weeding, putting my pots and pans away,etc. So when you can’t do something you either accept someone else’s help or you let it go. Both of those are nice alternatives. I was attempting to mow my lawn a couple of weeks ago. I looked up to see my next door neighbor standing next to me. He shook his finger at me and promptly commandeered the lawn mower and finished the lawn. Wonderful. And then Larry planted my peppers, trimmed the bushes and made himself useful as well as ornamental. I could get used to this.
  • One thing I could do during the entire journey was to quilt. This is the last thing that I would have expected and it’s yet another one of those blessings that arose. Since I was not working and unable to do any heavy lifting, I felt perfectly justified in spending as much time as I wanted in my quilting studio. And even though at times I had to look through just one eye, I made a lot of progress.

Gratitude is not for sissies

This list could go on but that would be boring and I surely don’t want to bore you. I’m in the business of giving you things to think about. So think about this….GRATITUDE—it’s not for sissies. Sometimes it’s easy to feel grateful—and sometimes it is decidedly not easy. However, if you persevere you’ll find that it changes your life in an imperceptible way—for the better of course.

I often advise my clients to start and to keep a gratitude journal. You might want to try that. You don’t necessarily have to write in it everyday but the practice of maintaining it does a couple of things. First, it keeps you out of the ‘poor me’ mentality which is not a bit sexy. Secondly, by staying grateful for the many blessings in your life (and there are many,I promise you) you position yourself to better attract even more good things to you. If you haven’t read up on Law of Attraction—do it instantly! And if you haven’t heard of The Secret you have probably been living in a cave somewhere.

Try it—you’ll like it

What would it be like if you consciously practiced gratitude for a month or even a week? At the very least you’d feel better about your life and maybe you’d even win the lottery. You heard it here, so if you do win the lottery I will happily accept donations which would enable you to show even more gratitude.  🙂




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