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Why Would You Say That? December 5, 2010

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by HK.Colin creative commons lic A few weeks ago I was having coffee with my friend Kanta who, like me, is a life coach. We were having a lively discussion about something or other and, in the course of our conversation, I said, “_____ is killing me.” She paused for a moment and said, “Is that really what you want to say about _______?” Her point, was that our language creates our reality. And even though we may think we are speaking metaphorically,we need to be conscious of what we are “languaging” lest it become a reality that we don’t much care for.

How about making up a new story for yourself?

I think and talk a lot about the power of our language to create but this week as I was contemplating my weight (yeah, really) I realized that this topic might prove useful to others as well. I was reflecting that in 2010 I have successfully gotten rid of 30 extra pounds that I didn’t need. (See the post Hcg and Me and More About HCG). You notice I didn’t say lost—as we can often find what we have lost or misplaced. As I reflected on that I realized that I have changed my whole way of relating to the topic of weight—a very dicey topic for many of us. I used to say to myself (and others), “It’s not really hard to lose weight, it’s just hard to keep it off.” I realized this week that I no longer have that story about weight loss (and re-gain). Somewhere I have lost that particular story and have adopted a new one. My new story is that maintaining weight loss is just a matter of paying attention and applying a little discipline. There that sounds—and feels– a whole lot better, doesn’t it?

Language creates!

Ontological coaching, a variety of coaching technique in which I was trained, has a great interest in language and how it creates our reality. It can do so in both positive ways and not-so-positive ways. Every great creation whether it’s a unique piece of art, an architectural marvel, a technological innovation, or a new recipe for jalapeno jelly was first created in someone’s thoughts and conversations before it manifested into physical form.

We an also create yukky stuff too. But I’m not going to get into that. (See my post about the economy, Just Say Yes)

Visual Evidence

Doreen Virtue, PhD and Grant Virtue have written a book called Angel Words: Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life. Doreen and her son Grant often record her podcasts. Grant began to notice that when Doreen said the word ‘angel’ the visual representation of that word’s vibration on his computer was large. In her words:

When I said “angel” the graph looked like a celestial being soaring from the heaven…”

The pair went on to notice that the words that are widely considered positive and feel-good were significantly “larger” than those considered negative. They found this to be consistently the case. Her conclusion from this:

Here was tangible evidence of high and low vibrations within speech. The positive words exhibited a much bigger impact, like light shining radiantly. Meanwhile, the negative ones looked tight and constricted.

Watch your language

So now I circle back to my original point—be mindful of the language you use. Rather than saying “ My brain is fried,” try saying, “ I need to rest for a few moments.”  Instead of saying “The world is a difficult place,” go with “Life is interesting and full of surprises.”

And you could try deputizing someone else to help you notice and modify your language choices. Like Kanta did for me.

Oh Happy Day…



Signs March 7, 2010

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I’m a big believer in magic…you know, the things that happen in life that can’t necessarily be explained away in a logical way. Things that make you say hmmmm…It’s great to be organized and planned and to check things off of your to-do list. We need that kind of stuff to assure ourselves that our lives have meaning because we’re getting things done. (read a touch of irony there) But what really lights me up is when the seemingly inexplicable things happen.

Signs fall into my magic category. No, not stop signs or McDonald’s signs or signs of global warming. I’m talking about normal run of the mill things that somehow put themselves into my path just to give me a little hug (or a not-so-tiny kick in the butt) from the universe that lets me know that I’m not hanging out on my own.

I”ll give you a few examples. In my lexicon of symbols (and coming from the interpretation of Doreen Virtue) the number 44 or 444 and so on is the angel number. It means that angels are giving you a big broad wink or answering your question or offering you comfort—depending on what you need at the time. One of my roles in life is Angel Therapy Practitioner ® certified by the well known expert in that field, Doreen Virtue. So as you might imagine I travel with a band of angels.

And everywhere I go I run into the number 44. This morning after spending the day yesterday doing angel readings for people, I woke up at 4:44. Yesterday on my way to do the readings, I was taking a route that I travel at least 4 or 5 times a month if not more and have done so for many years. I happened to look to my right at a traffic light and noticed a street sign that said “144 Lehigh Street.” Things that make you say hmmm..From this I interpreted that as I did the readings I would be guided to do good work in service of others.

I could go on about the number 44 but you get the drift. And now you’re going to start seeing that number everywhere too.

The shamans believe that animals appear to us to give us messages and teach us how to better our lives. The classic book on the subject of what messages animals symbolize is Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.Yesterday as I was on my way to the reading place (it was an eventful ten-minute drive),I saw not one but two dead skunks. Now there’s a sign. I know that part of the symbology of the skunk is that it fears no animal. (wonder why) When I got home I looked up the entry in Animal-Speak and found that the message that skunk gives is

Now is the time to assert your boundaries. Others may be taking advantage. Demand respect and move forward at your speed.

Well, the boundary things seems like good advice. Not good to let boundaries get fuzzy when you are dipping around in other people’s energy fields. Got it.

I could go on but I’m sure your getting the drift. For me (and for you if you want to play) day- to-day life is not just the routines of getting my chores done or finishing a day at work. It’s the wonder of waiting for the magical things that show themselves often enough to keep my interest. It’s the signs that tell me that I’m being guided or perhaps that I am veering off the right path.

Why don’t you try it? If you’re in question about a decision—ask for a sign. And then don’t forget to watch for it. If you miss it, ask again. When you see a sign, it’s fun and inspiring and very, very comforting.