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Change Not Optional January 16, 2011

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Personal Observations, Political Scene.
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Last week the title of my post was Ready, Set, Change. This week I had intended to write about some of my favorite book recommendations. However, following the events of last Saturday in Tucson, I have been immersed in thinking about my country and wondering what the hell is going on.

Yet another terrible story…

I am not prone to awfulizing and making sweeping generalizations about ‘how bad things are,’ since I believe that constantly beating the drum about something creates more of it. That said, I have to say that I am tired to the depths of my soul of hearing of yet another shocking example of meaningless violence.

This post is going to be short (and not so sweet). We may each of us feel that we are not responsible for the actions of a misguided young man. However, we are all part of a national creation of ‘the way things are.’ And that creation has too much room for violence. Violence which takes the place of discussion/dialogue for the sake of understanding and respecting view points that differ from our own. And I know that I am as guilty of that as the next person—and you,my friend could be the next person.

We only want to be around those who think as we do

Lynne McTaggert wrote a very thought-provoking post about where we’ve come. Lynne’s post She said something in that post that has really stuck with me. She says that we only want to be around and respect those who think just as we do. In examining my conscience about that I have come to the conclusion that I have fallen into that way of being—and I need to do something different.

The power of intention

You know how much I write about the power of intention. Well, I think it’s high time that we intended something different for our country. The consciousness of a country can be changed one person at a time, one conversation at a time. While this may seem at times like trying to empty the ocean with a tea cup, I offer that we often don’t know the power of our own efforts and contributions.

I think Americans are better than they way we are currently acting. Wasn’t our country built on the tenet that we are all free to have our own opinions and to express them? It’s high time we got back to focusing on that principle instead of the way we have been…

And no, I don’t feel better now but I will again soon.


A Sigh of Relief February 10, 2009

Posted by Ann Bertorelli in Political Scene.
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obamapeopleLast night I did something that I have been unable to do for eight years. I watched an entire press conference delivered by the President of the United States. It’s not that I haven’t cared about what’s been going on in our country for the last eight years. In fact, I tried on numerous occasions to watch Mr. Bush’s press conferences. He was not my choice for president, far from it, in fact. However, I believed because of his position he deserved as much support and attention as I could give him. I tried, really I did. But ten minutes into the broadcast—fifteen if I was feeling really determined, I would have to turn it off. Yes, it was what he was saying but even more than that, it was how he said it. To my ear, he sounded very inarticulate and came across as being unintelligent.

Scott McClellan, W’s former press secretary, says in his book What Happened, that Bush was plenty intelligent enough to be president. And that may well be true. But you sure couldn’t prove it by listening to him—and the rest of the world listened too.

But last night! Last night was a true pleasure. We now have a president who is articulate, comes across as intelligent (probably because he is), and who speaks directly to the issues. Why, he even admitted that he had “screwed up” last week by not adequately vetting Cabinet nominees before putting them forward. Refreshing, very refreshing…

Are there some things Mr. Obama could improve in his delivery? Yes—and if he would like a speech coach, I am certainly available to come to his assistance. But by and large, I think we as a nation have done a good job in electing this president. 

Now for that personal accountability thing that we all have facing us. He can’t make this huge country turn on a dime by the force of his own will alone. But Mr. Obama is being accountable for his part—can you say ‘transparency?’ And we have to do our part. Stay tuned to his press conferences to find out what that is… I know I’ll be watching.